Rototec Company

In summary

ROTOTEC specialises in the rotational moulding of technical parts.

The products we manufacture are a mixture of our own range of products designed for the agricultural supplies sector and special parts designed based on specifications provided by our customers.

You can take advantage of our expertise, in partnership with your own design office, right from the early design stage to help you benefit from our many technological assets at the best possible price.

Our service can include the purchasing and assembly of accessories.


  • 1986: ROTOTEC founded at the Saint Malo site.
  • 1993: Company moves to the Miniac-Morvan site on the outskirts of Saint-Malo:
    • Surface area of 16,000m², including 2,200m² of workshops.
    • Increase in machinery capacities to 5 spherical metres.
  • 1997: Buildings extended from 2,200 to 6,000m² to accommodate our growth.
  • 2006: Further expansion of workshops by 1,000m² and investment in a 3.50-spherical-metre automated carousel.
  • 2007: Company acquired by Jean Philippe Admont.
  • 2011: Investment in a 5-spherical-metre automated carousel

Major assets

Quality :

  • Our strategy is to provide our clients with a first-class service.
  • This involves using only premium-quality polyethylene (PE), to the exclusion of any recycled versions.
  • Thorough examination prior to shipment eliminates any risk of defects.

Reactivity :

Additional production facilities are constantly available to guarantee the best possible service to meet your requirements

Productivity :

Continuous investment in both equipment and our organisation, together with an optimised structure, mean that we can offer the competitive prices you need in your markets.


  • Our design office and technical sales department will offer you a personal, professional and reactive service.
  • Technical support, joint design proposal based on your 2D or 3D plans.

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