Ideal sailing equipment

From deck fixtures and fittings to fitted on-board tanks and even buoyage rotational moulding is used for a vast array of applications in the sailing industry.

  • Technical support at the product definition stage: Watertight holes, watertight closures at foam inlets
  • Optional foaming during the production process, making the product extremely rigid
  • Very careful finish, individual hermetic packaging
  • Port equipment, pontoon floats, defences, etc.
  • Mass-dyed PE, excellent UV resistance

‘Triple-layer foam’ floats

‘Triple-layer foam’ floats providing increased UV (ultra-violet) and deformation resistance. This high-performance triple-layer material is used in the naval construction industry and often found in competitive spheres.

These floats can be used in the design of floating homes such as those available from our sister company Aquashell.

Our others custom plastic products

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