Rotomolding and custom engineered plastic

About Rototec Company

For over 25 years, Rototec has been establishing itself as a specialist in rotational moulding and plastic machining and is now renowned for its advanced expertise. We have a team of rotational moulding experts dedicated to your project and a technical department you can call upon if need be.

Our rotational moulded products

Rototec offers professionals a comprehensive range of rotational moulded products designed to serve many purposes in a variety of industry sectors including the agricultural, automotive, street furniture, sailing, sanitation and water processing sectors.

Our Rototec rotational moulded products

Our custom plastic products

Rototec will support you in designing the new custom plastic parts you require. Our team of specialists will draw on its rotational moulding expertise to guide you, for example, through the processing of design parts that can be used to replace metal.

Our specification-based products

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Our industry sectors

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