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Industry sectors in which Rototec operates:

Rotational moulded products have been used in an extensive range of applications for a number of years. Indeed, an increasing number of fields of activity are now choosing to take advantage of the benefits of this manufacturing process.

In addition to its catalogue range, Rototec gives you the option of designing custom rotational moulded parts based on your own specifications, and you can take advantage of our expertise, in partnership with your own design office, right from the early design stage. Our aim is to enable you to benefit from our many technological assets at the best possible price. Our service can also include the purchasing and assembly of accessories.


agricultureAgriculture is one of the sectors of industry most heavily reliant upon rotomolded products. From water recovery tanks to pasture troughs and even feed silos, there are so many potential applications in this field of activity.



assainissementRototec offers a range of products designed to cater to sanitation and waste water treatment needs. Check out our entire range of tanks and cisterns, along with the corresponding accessories.




equipement-nautiqueTheir robust, watertight, lightweight nature means that rotational moulded products are also suitable for the nautical sector. From tables and chairs to a variety of tanks, Rototec can help you design your own nautical equipment.


Furniture – Decoration

mobilier-decorationThe rotational moulding process and the great variety of moulds available mean it is possible to manufacture original pieces that are perfectly suited to the function they are to perform. Our lightweight, resistant, recyclable polymer decorative pieces can be adapted to reflect your needs.



And many more…

  • Automotive
  • Community
  • Leisure
  • Medical
  • Public works

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