Axial (3m3 and 6m3) or offset (6m3) feed silo

6m3 offset feed silo
6m3 axial feed silo
6m3 feed silo

Stable and robust Monobloc feed silo

There are two types of feed storage silo – axial silos and offset silos. The feet of the offset 6m3 silo are offset from the trap by 600mm.

Fastened onto a flat, reinforced 2500x2500x350 slab of concrete dosed at 350.

IMPORTANT: Always observe the installation guidelines attached to the product.

Features of the silo range

  • Stable, robust and easy to handle
  • Excellent feed discharge
  • Robust and functional hot-galvanised steel structure
  • Safety ladder compliant with safety standards
  • Optional pneumatic feed
  • Optional screw reclaim conveyor


Ref.External diameterHeight
Silo 3A 2100mm 3200mm 
Silo 6A  2000mm 4250mm 
Silo 6D  2000mm 4960mm

All dimensions and values are given as a guide only and are subject to change without notice. (Dimensions in mm).

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