Cubifut 500L

Cubifut 500L
Polyethylene Cubifut 500L

The innovative fluid transportation system

The Cubifut 500L is ideal for saving valuable handling time. Eliminating the need for pallets and annoying strips, this Cubifut can be transported using a strap system.

Features of the Cubifut 500L

  • Made of food-grade 100% recyclable polyethylene
  • Rotational moulded seamless one-piece tank to prevent leaks
  • Freestanding
  • Facilitates transportation of foodstuffs


< à 1 760mm 760mm   1050mm   25kg
> à 1 760mm 760mm   1050mm   33kg

All dimensions and values are given as a guide only and are subject to change without notice. (Dimensions in mm).

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