Large-capacity wheelbarrow 330L

Large-capacity wheelbarrow
Tipping Large-capacity wheelbarrow
tipping wheelbarrow

Ideal for transporting large volumes

Réalisé en polyéthylène alimentaire haute densité, cette brouette, insensible à la corrosion, permet de transporter une très grande contenance d’environ 330L.

This high-density food-grade polyethylene wheelbarrow is insensitive to corrosion and can be used to transport very large volumes of up to around 330L.

Its high-density polyethylene one-piece tub frame is designed to withstand all types of impact. The bottom of the tub has been specially designed to eliminate residue.

Features of the 330L wheelbarrow

  • UV-resistant food-grade polyethylene model
  • Lightweight and easy to handle when fully loaded
  • Sturdy and robust
  • Easy and effective cleaning
  • Easy to tip when fully loaded
  • PE tub clipped onto frame


Overall lengthOverall widthOverall heightWheel diam.
1900mm 900mm 850mm   400mm 

All dimensions and values are given as a guide only and are subject to change without notice. (Dimensions in mm).

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