Pasture trough with float casing

Pasture trough with float casing range
Pasture trough with float casing-400L
Pasture trough with float casing-600L
Pasture trough with float casing-800L
Pasture trough with float casing-1000L

Resistance, hygiene and ease of handling

This pasture trough is made of food-grade 100% virgin polyethylene and is suitable for any purpose. UV-resistant and insensitive to corrosion.

We also purpose a range of ovoid pasture trough with float casing and high-flow ovoid pasture trough with float casing.

Features of the range

  • Stable, robust and easy to handle
  • Drainage hole with rubber seal and Ø54mm screw stopper
  • Fast and effective cleaning
  • Animal-proof plumbing fixtures


CapacityExternal diameterOverall height
400L  1050mm 600mm 
600L  1300mm 600mm 
800L  1490mm 600mm 
1000L  1670mm 600mm

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