Stall trough

Stall trough-12L
Stall trough-85L
Stall trough-200L
Stall trough-400L

An extensive high-quality range to meet any need

This comprehensive range of food-grade 100% virgin polyethylene stall troughs with integral UV resistance is delivered with two connection nozzles – one for network distribution and one for water tank distribution.

All of our stall troughs come with a float.

Features of the range

  • Stable, robust and easy to handle
  • Made of food-grade 100% virgin polyethylene
  • Hole with rubber seal and 54mm or 36mm-diameter screw stopper
  • Extensive range – from 12L to 400L
  • Fast and effective cleaning


12L  400mm 350mm   310mm 
85L  850mm 450mm   420mm 
200L  1400mm 600mm   570mm 
400L  1710mm 610mm   710mm 

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