AdBlue tank 2500L

AdBlue tank 2500L pump kit
AdBlue tank 2500L
Double walled AdBlue tank 2500L

The latest addition to the Rototec range of tanks for AdBlue

The AdBlue 2500L storage tank is available in both single and double-skin versions. The high-density polyethylene plastic wall guarantees a 100% tested seal. Integral UV resistance.

The AdBlue solution helps reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, which are harmful to the planet. Consists primarily of demineralised water and around 32.5% urea. This very pure solution is not toxic but does need to be stored and transported under special conditions. The storage vat has to be perfectly airtight to prevent the AdBlue from breaking down into ammoniac.

Features of the AdBlue tank 2500L

  • High-density polyethylene wall
  • Internal storage
  • Metal tank accessories in contact with AdBlue are STAINLESS STEEL
  • 100% tested seal
  • Filler plug
  • Adjustable mechanical gauge


2500L 2200mm 1450mm   1720mm 

Available in different sizes: AdBlue tank 500L and AdBlue tanks 5000L and 6500L.

All dimensions and values are given as a guide only and are subject to change without notice. (Dimensions in mm).

Double-walled AdBlue tank 2500L

Double-walled AdBlue tank

Features of the double-walled AdBlue tank 2500L

  • External storage option
  • Retention capacity: over 100%
  • Operation and maintenance box: weather-proof with double stainless steel lock

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