AdBlue tanks 5000L and 6500L

AdBlue Adjustable mechanical gauge
AdBlue pumping kit
AdBlue tanks 6500L

For safe and easy storage

The AdBlue 5000L and 6500L tanks are available in a single-skin version. The high-density polyethylene plastic wall guarantees a 100% tested seal. Integral UV resistance.

The AdBlue solution comprises 32.5% extremely pure urea and demineralised water and is contained in exhaust gases to limit the impact of pollutant emissions generated by diesel heavy goods vehicles. It is not toxic to the environment but does need to be stored and transported under special conditions.

The use of AdBlue complies with the new regulations concerning the reduction of nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions generated by heavy goods vehicles. This new standard could soon affect everyone, from agricultural machinery users to private vehicle owners.

Features of the single-walled AdBlue tank 5000L and 6500L

  • Single high-density polyethylene wall
  • Internal storage
  • Metal tank accessories in contact with AdBlue are STAINLESS STEEL
  • Steel box mount attached by means of an insert
  • Filler plug
  • Adjustable mechanical gauge


5000L 3690mm 1530mm   1550mm 
6500L 3790mm 1600mm   2040mm 

Available in different sizes: AdBlue tank 500L and AdBlue tank 2500L.

All dimensions and values are given as a guide only and are subject to change without notice. (Dimensions in mm).

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